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Character Study: Bruce Boxer

Published by on May 16, 2017
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Bruce Boxer: The War Tourist Bruce Boxer has the sort of neck and head that make fat men want to buy starched striped shirts and dotted silk ties, that is, elegant without being model-pretty, a man’s man, one who has the grace to make the sharing of your own Dance Floor War battle something in […]

Character Study: Rogers had a love for Catherine

Published by on April 27, 2017
Categories: Character Study Plots and Characters

Women are mysterious creatures. Even Catherine knew that. She was the biggest mystery of all. Even to herself. “Your energy. It has…changed.” Catherine tightened her fingers in Rogers’. His fingers remained mute; eyes looked to the same sky she searched above the cliff upon which they sat. “I don’t know what you mean. Silly girl.” He forced […]

Character Study: The Man Child

Published by on September 16, 2016
Categories: Books Character Study

He was born to parents that would never, could never, understand him. For all intents and purposes, he was an alien. His parents were normal enough and that was the problem, for something about the boy invited abnormal adults to feel comfortable in his presence. To explain: Normal enough means regularly smart, while abnormal adult […]

Character Study: The Painter

Published by on September 11, 2016
Categories: Books Character Study

Trashed out. In need of repair. Dingy paint, chipped. Floors, scratches showing clean wood through years of grime or squares of linoleum tiles searching for their place among empty patches of dried glue. Ceilings, smoke stained; bathtubs, ringed with mineral deposits clinging to God only knew whose old skin. Chicken coop out back, empty except […]

Character Study: The Girl

Published by on September 5, 2016
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Long and tall she was born. Skin and bones, too, because her mother, determined to walk out of the hospital in her skinny pants, had eaten only goat’s milk and cornbread during her pregnancy thereby almost starving her firstborn. But the girl’s survival instinct was strong. So, using God’s very own system while plugged into […]