Just a few book reviews

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Candis S.: I just finished your novel: “Whitfield, Nebraska.” WOW. What a fine trip that was into the mind of Ben Turner and beyond. Loved the shifting plot and mind expansion going on as he met V. Also the “man-to-man-mind” conversations are a hoot. You have this way of stringing the reader on by dropping hints, but not exactly telling where you are going until your character is ready to divulge that info. Well done as usual. I ended it wanting a whole series of such stories! What’s next?

William F.: Whitfield, Nebraska is a front row look at how an intense, take-no-prisoners detective brings a serial killer to justice. And what a justice it is! Filled with interesting people, situations, and locations, this page turner builds to a most satisfying climax. A quick, kick-a$$ read! Who knew Nebraska could be so BAD!

Anonymous Man: I am scared of this author. She understands the killer all too well.

Terry C.: Fear can be the most debilitating emotion of the human condition, but it must not be an excuse to close one’s eyes to evil. Angela Durden’s memoir is disturbing (no word is sufficient) as it tells the story of evil incarnate. Her Devil is real, and his wife (her mother) is worse. Their evil begets evil, and in their wake are the walking wounded. Angela’s courage is self-evident. She is Jacob who wrestles with God. She is Moses who removed her sandals. She is Peter who draws her sword and “follows at a distance.” She is Job! “Do you love me? Will you love me?” she asks the Lord. I predict that as God’s love shines its truth on each soul who reads “Twinkle”, Angela will come to know how much she is loved.

Mel: I started reading this book on a Saturday morning. I had important things on my “to do” list that day. Little did I know, those “to do” list items would have to wait because I literally could not put this book down. I finished the book Saturday evening. [I was] transported into the author’s psyche that day, and am a better person for it.

Billy C.

I loved reading this mystery. Durden Kell has a way with the storyline. Definitely be reading more by DK.

Jedwin S.

Truly an enjoyable read. A kick-back-and-relax whodunnit!

Twirple: As an unpublished songwriter, this book was an enormous help to me in understanding the astoundingly convoluted and corrupt world of music publishing and distribution. Professionals embedded in the business may or may not agree with Durden’s conclusions regarding the state of the industry and the best approaches for an independent artist to take. But if the business were only half as bad as Durden portrays, then it would still be incredibly frustrating. The message seems to be that the only hope for success is in supreme self-reliance and lots of hard work, and anecdotes here and elsewhere bear that out. A lively, quick read.