Writing Coach by the Hour

Click this button to pay for One Hour With Angela. Upon receipt of your payment, Angela will email you with instructions where to send the writing sample you want to discuss. She will suggest alternate appointment times. She can speak with you via phone, Facebook Message Chat, or Google Hangouts. She will also send your writing sample back to you with comments. This is not line editing; this will be identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting methodologies to improve.

You will have a blast during that hour. Face-to-face is always good for us creatives.

Writing anything, such as lyrics for a song, or memoir, fiction, or business books, requires certain basic skills, but each has their own challenges. If you are looking for that WRITING COACH who will not let you settle for okay when she knows you can be great. Who is happy when your ego is bruised and you keep coming back for more. Who is happy when you say “Darn you, Woman!” and then attempts to prove her wrong. Who is happy with that because she knows you are getting stronger and better when you are challenged.

Then Angela is that coach for you.

A coach’s job is like a parent’s.

ONE: Kick your boohiney.
TWO: Provide honest feedback.
THREE: Suggest alternate methods that work for you.
FOUR: Build your character and abilities.
FIVE: Point you to your goal.
SIX: Be proud of you when you work through the struggles, accomplish, and then reach your goals.

It is not a coach’s or a parent’s job to first be your friend or demand respect. Friendship and respect will accrue if the coach or parent does their job correctly.

If you are looking for a writing coach to hold your hand and say you are awesome, and wonderful, and that everything you write is awesome or just needs a little bit of tweaking, then call someone else.