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Discover the spiritual, emotional, uplifting, and fun journeys you can take.

From fiction to memoir to business to children’s to lyrics as poetry, journaling, or writing prompts, Durden’s scope of storytelling is wide and surprising.

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An overview of the music business for the DIY/Indie. [WRITER for HIRE! Press]
DIY/Indies in Music Business will learn a lot from the interviews of other DIY/Indies and updated information. [Second Bight Publishing]


Laugh-out-loud at absurdities that take themselves seriously and other highly opinionated opinion. [Blue Room Books]


Mike visits Grandpa who tells him a story about a bully.  [WRITER for HIRE! Press]
Mike visits Grandpa and they talk about their heroes: FIREFIGHTERS.                   [WRITER for HIRE! Press]


Ben Turner expected to catch a serial murderer. He didn’t expect to find love.   [WRITER for HIRE! Press]


Lyrics as poetry with shape-driven led journal section in the back. [Second Bight Publishing]
Lyrics as poetry with shape-driven led journal section in the back.  [Second Bight Publishing]


Read how Eloise lost her laugh and found it again. [WRITER for HIRE! Press]