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The title of the album came about from watching the only James Bond film featuring George Lazenby as Bond. As he was wooing the babe, he picked up the room phone and ordered champagne and caviar for two.

Caviar for two is great fun, I thought, but caviar for one is just sad. And, since all the songs on this album are about the dark side of love, the title was chosen.

From the short piano-backed spoken word introduction “Love is. Love can”, all the way to the fun and raucus “Jonesin’ For Ya”, the album will make you feel good about love gone wrong.

The album features one song written by Peter Polites (“The Happy Song”) and other songs by Angela K. Durden she wrote, and all performed by her. Alan Dynin and Misha Stefanuk on piano bring huge Jazz and Classical infusions to songs that do not follow any particular genre. The CD includes James Dekle’s brilliant composition of “Holding Empty” and played by Alan Dynin.

$25 via check or money order. Includes CD, booklet liner notes with lyrics, taxes, and shipping. Autograph is at no extra charge.

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