Character Study in Verse: The Hormonal Teenage Girl and the Handsome Pastor

Published by on November 19, 2016
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Sits young girl in pew of church.
Thoughts of her body her mind does search.
Feelings of love she has for young pastor.
Thoughts of which make her heart race faster and faster.
Visions of his touch singe her mind.
Breathing becomes labored. “Pastor will be mine!”
She dreams of his touch her womanhood making whole.
Alas! His dreams are only for her everlasting soul.

“Come! Be Saved!” he yells at the crowd.
“Come! Get Baptized! Make your God proud!”
Desperate for his touch is the girl.
She jumps up, her mind all a-whirl.
“I’ll be saved! Yes, baptized I’ll get!
“Oh, yes, yes, for his touch I’ll get wet!”

Over young, eager body long flowing robe she dons.
Walks, expectantly, urgently, to indoor pond.
Approaches pastor with body all acquiver.
His thoughts only about her now avoiding Hell forever.
“Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”
Pastor asks girl in a spittle-induced fever.
Congregation watches, basking in the glow.
Little kids crane their necks to see the show.

“Yes, yes! I accept Jesus!” and she jumps into the water.
“Hold your nose, girl, ‘cause I’mma gonna dunk ya, Daughter.”
O! Holy angels! His hands were upon her.
She held her nose and snuggled in closer.
Down she went and up in a flash.
The deacons passed baskets to collect up the cash.
The choir prepared to sing “Amazing Grace.”
Girl wipes water from off her face.

In the water, girl lingers long.
Pastor whispers, “Sister, get out. Sing us a song.”
Soon voices were bouncing off the rafters,
Girl’s the loudest because she got what she was after.