Lists checked and hexed

Published by on April 4, 2017
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lists checked hexed

I’ve made a list; thrice it’s been checked.
I know for certain, though, it has been hexed.
For I shall arrive at destination long distance
Only to find I forgot that very one expensive
Thing necessary to do my tasks well.
Thus under breathe cursing and saying “Oh, hell”,
This gal shall to a store hie furious,
Credit card in hand, though nevertheless curious
How the list, long and thrice checked,
Still manages to get itself so thoroughly hexed.
If you don’t believe me, why just ask Linda Sands.
She’ll tell you all about the time I forgot underpants.
Why, Linda will say, “That’s right. I sure hooted!”
And how to TahJay our way we hot-footed,
For me to buy unmentionables, several pair,
Returning to base, a bottle of wine to share.
Yes, I’ve made a list; thrice it’s been checked.
Though I know for certain it has been hexed.

by Angela K. Durden
written upon the day she is packing for
Write by the Water retreat by Linda Sands

lists checked hexed

Linda Sands (l) and Angela K. Durden

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