Men: Excellent punctuation ups dating opportunities

Published by on December 12, 2016
Categories: Opinion

Message punctuated as potential insult: 

Him: When am I going to get to see you sexy?

Notice the lack of a comma between you and sexy as well as not capitalizing Sexy implies one has seen her but that thus far she has not been sexy. See how this will limit your dating opportunity?

Message punctuated as compliment:

Him: When am I going to get so see you, Sexy?

Notice with the comma properly placed and Sexy capitalized, the female will understand you have timing and that you have addressed her as a goddess. Timing is very important to a woman. Heated rushes — even through sentences — does not bode well for future interaction.

ShakespearePunctuated for a Radical Feminist:

Him: When am I…hey, don’t hit me! I was just gonna ask you out on a da— HEY! Stop hollering at—. I was just gon—Ow!

Notice there is no such thing as a man being able to finish a sentence with a radical feminist, much less punctuate it properly. RadFems each agree all men are evil and that any worship of a woman is solely to trample her under his feet. Shakespeare himself couldn’t write a sentence a RadFem would like, so don’t feel bad.