Gordon Unplugged: Dear Radical Feminist (#3)

Published by on September 9, 2016
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Dear RadFem,

I would love to know why you are focused only on male violence and totally silent about the thousands of years of female abuse of men and children? Why do I hear nothing but crickets when I ask you about the well-documented subject of female-on-female violence, an open secret in the gay community?

I see violence everywhere and the only one you mention is male-on-female? Come on.

Whether a woman oppresses me (and they have) or whether a man does it, the result is the same. RadFem, you have such a tight focus on proving all men are evil that nobody can take you seriously as there is no balance in the presentation of your case. Therefore, if you are trying to convince me all men are evil, you will get equal pushback from me. If you are trying to point out something else, then you are doing a terrible job it.

If you are trying to convince me that evil exists, I already know it. If you are trying to tell me oppression exists in all its forms, I already know that, too.

So, RadFem, please tell me: What is your mission? What is your point?

When you answer that, and only then, you tell me, please, other than marching up and down, pointing fingers, and whining, what do you ever do about it?

You nurse it, rehearse it, and curse it. But do you ever try to reverse it?


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