Gordon Unplugged: Dear Radical Feminist (#1)

Published by on September 7, 2016
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Dear RadFem,

RadFem_protest2_200-c26e951b66596d699fd291c7c2f185be7ba00f0a-s300-c85Yes, the oppressed can oppress others. I make no distinction here between race, gender, nationality, or economic segments. I also believe an oppressed class can systemically oppress another class. I also know for a fact not all men or women are evil, but that some can be.

Therefore, in my attempt to be fair and balanced in my thought process — i.e., I try to be one that sees all sides of the story — in watching women during my life, and in reading history I know there are evil people who will do whatever it is they can to destroy anything they can even if they use the force of law.

This is wrong.

I do not like wrong.

So, when somebody makes a blanket statement, I am obliged to stir that pot with the spoon of balanced contrarianism, if only to inject some reasoned debate.

Look, when a man flinches as they second-guess himself about whether or not to hold a frickin’ door open for a woman because he is afraid of being attacked for being an evil, oppressive man, and when that flinch happens across a nation, then yes, women as a class have oppressed men as a class.

I do not flinch in the face of your anger, ma’am.


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