The heat is on: Media elitist whines

Published by on August 21, 2016
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More Americans than ever before distrust the mainstream media.

Newspaper and magazine circulations? Down. News and Gotcha shows’ viewership? Down. Twitter usage? Massive growth until they started manipulating what they approved of. Now down.

Nobody’s surprised at this except for the 6% of the population who still believe everything the media writes as gospel truth, the media elite themselves, and social media C-suite executives.

Alternative sources for information and a wider variety of opinion can now be found in so many other places. Yeah, the heat is on…and the media elite are whining. One of those I heard being interviewed this morning on AM 1190 [hear the show at this link starting at the 14:30 mark] in Atlanta, Georgia, went on and on about how concerned he was that the major news outlets were being ignored.

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal said that social media is omnipresent and has given just anybody the ability to “pump out an opinion” for others to read.

Daniel-HenningerHenninger said the media are online all day long because they are trying to stay ahead of the curve. I have to ask: Dude, which curve would that be? If you distrust online sources, then why are you reading them? Aren’t you supposed to be out and about interviewing movers and shakers with hard hitting questions?

My God, man! No wonder subscriptions are down.

Media elitists compare anyone else’s opinion as being worthless, akin to those old men who meet at the corner and impotently wag their chins in useless conversation. So close to sneering I would be hard pressed to call it anything else, Mr. Henninger said that Trump is a master at successfully communicating differing opinions for all to hear.

Gasp! People take Trump’s fairy-tale ramblings seriously? As if those were real? Henninger’s implication is:

How stupid can the public be?

But what Henninger of the Wall Street Journal said next is even more important: The media elite cannot figure out how to get a grip on what is or isn’t important.

In other words, because people are sticking to their silly little opinions, they — the great masters of setting the correct narrative — are being ignored.

Mr. Henninger, the genie is out of the bottle, the stopper has been lost, and it’s all the fault of the media elite, who forgot what their job is:

Reporting the story and allowing the reader to form their own opinions.

As I often do when I hear such whinings — and long-winded self-serving prevaricating or the righteously P.C. justifying their evil deeds — I listen to what they say, then I turn around and translate what they really mean. Here is my translation of the whiny-butt media elitist:

Nobody pays attention to us anymore. That is bad because we know better than they do. After all, we went to college and got a degree in journalism. We know the right people. Famous people, too! We go to parties with them. Anybody else with an opinion that differs is just stupid.  

Well, y’all, na-na-na-boo-boo does not inspire confidence in this seeker of truth and accurate information, so how about y’all just man up, stop the whining, and do your damn jobs the way that serves the reader, mmmmkay?