PARENT HACK: When kids fight over M&Ms distribution

Published by on July 21, 2016
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Plain-M&Ms-PileWhen kids are fighting over distribution of M&Ms, parent is to pour all candies on the table separating those candies into piles of individual color groupings.

One unified color grouping is then picked at random.

From that first random unified color grouping, one M&M is pushed at Child 1 and the other at Child 2 until all of that color has been apportioned.

NOTE: If there is an odd piece left over, that is, if there is one piece of a unified color grouping left so that to give it to one child would make the distribution uneven, parent is to eat it.

Parent then moves on to next color grouping and repeats the above steps until the first original M&M multicolored grouping is now in absolutely identical piles.

Parent then gives the GO! signal whereupon each child is allowed to do with their pile as they please.

If children have been watching closely during the apportionment, children usually fall straight to eating in whatever is their most favorite style.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes, even with watching closely, at least one of the children will insist upon a recount. It is at this time the parent takes that child’s pile and eats it in front of them while the other child, who trusted Mommy to do it right in the first place, is happily munching away. 

Parent, you will never get back this five minutes of your life, so enjoy the extra odd pieces while you can.