God the Father is not P.C. Whipped

Published by on July 1, 2016
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Sunday morning, two women knocked on my door. They said they were from a new non-denominational church right down the street. They didn’t say the name of it. They didn’t say where it was, just sort of vaguely pointed that-a-way.

They wore pants and on their shoulders carried full cases of exactly what I don’t know, though a Bible was part of it. One woman was white. One woman was black. They both looked to be in their late 30s to mid 40s.

I answered the door and stepped out onto my porch. After introducing themselves, the white woman asked if I was a Christian. I said I was. She asked if I had ever heard of God the Father. I said I had. Then she asked if I had ever heard of God the Mother. I said I had not ever seen that phrase in the Bible.

Respecting that they took time to come to my door, and that to do so required a certain amount of courage and dedication, I did not dismiss them out of hand, but instead allowed them to show me a few scriptures in answer to comments that I made in reply to their questions.

With some very narrow interpretation, and if one winked and bobbed and gave a secret handshake, one could just barely infer their point.

Still, I wondered: What was their reason for trying to push this point that I accept that God the Father must have existed with a female version of himself in order to create, that is, there had to be a God the Mother?

I said I believe that God is All Powerful and that He holds within Himself life itself that He can share with human, animal, or spirit creatures. Unlike His creation, He does not hold only part of life, He has it all and does not need another to make it. Further if he chooses to call himself a Father, then what’s the harm?

I asked them again for the third time, why is it important to you that I should accept this Mother character? Why are you knocking on my door to tell me this? Will it change my access to or state of grace?

The black woman said, “The state of grace is a much larger conversation.”

Were they saying I must accept God the Mother in order to be accorded grace?

There was a long pause, and a slight nod of the head from them.

In any case, I continued and felt like I was beating a drum about it, I believe that within God exists all that is needed for life, and you believe both the male and the female are needed. Life exists. So, why is it so important to you that God the Mother be “believed in” and looked to?

It had something to do with honoring the mother position in God’s creation. They seemed to think mothers were getting short shrift. I said I am a mother. I honor the position. I know lots of people who do, yet we still believe in one source for all that has been created.

They offered nothing much else, I could see the conversation was finished, and thanked them for their caring enough to come knock on my door.

But after they left I was still wondering why it was important to them that there be specifically God the Mother?

And I realized: This is again another example of political correctness run amuck.

People have changed throughout time in both politics and religion. These two women were another example of someone with a narrow focus on what they saw was the reason for all the ills of the world, blaming it on men, trying to set the record straight, but doing a bad job of it.

God the Father is not, has never been, nor will He be, politically correct…and He won’t be P.C. Whipped. He is what He is. He has not changed.