Egos, Angela, The Donald, Deluded Bad Drag, and Branding

Published by on June 25, 2016
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 I know this about me and The Donald: We have faces made for radio and voices made for print.

Oh, sure, somebody’s gonna say, “Angela, I agree about The Donald, but, baby, honey bunch, sugar pie, your pictures are so awesome. You’re just being too humble…or you’re feeling needy and seeking attention.”

You would be incorrect about me on this count. Sure, I have an ego, which is why I post pictures I take; those I have control over and can do many takes. I’ve been filmed. It ain’t pretty. The movie camera does not like my face. In fact, after anybody sees me filmed, they all say the same thing.

“You are so funny! You should be comedianne! I’ve never seen anybody make faces like that. Hahahahahahaha. You are awesome.”

When they walk away, they believe they have paid me the highest compliment, not knowing that it did not help my ego. These so-called faces that I supposedly am brilliantly making happen as if I am an actor extraordinaire, just like The Donald above, are my normal faces.

I say to you all now: As I live and breathe, I am not lying to you, nor am I looking for compliments, but there is a reason I am writing this.

I saw a post this morning by someone who shared a tweet meme from a guy claiming to be gay who said that if Trump really was a friend of the gays, one of them would have fixed his hair and makeup by now. Yeah, that was funny.

But, the comment below that share was from a woman whose picture I can only assume was her. She proceeded to excoriate The Trumpster for his hair (weird combover) and makeup (too cheap to hire a good makeup artist), and equate that to her indisputable fact that he was not worth the paper his picture was printed on (stupid and ego-driven). Further, he should just die because it was all so awful.

I looked at her picture and marveled at her ability in self-delusion. I swear she could have passed for Trump in drag; it was not pretty.

Just like me, The Donald is in sales. We are selling our brand. The Donald and I understand this truth:

If your ego is that big, you wouldn’t be out in public anyway with mobile and expressive faces like ours, and whose resting states are blah.