No More Slaps and Shoves From You

Published by on December 28, 2015
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From memoir, such as mine –TwinkleTwinkle: a memoir by Angela K. Durden

– to movies — such as The Burning Bed –


to documentaries such as this one


or to my music video with my original song


It is clear domestic violence is a worldwide problem. There’s just some folks that will beat on other folks. Mankind’s history proves there is no final cure. This is not a popular notion.

Liberal do-gooders’ hearts may be in the right place when they scream about more laws but, at least in most first-world countries, there are plenty of laws against it. One cannot legislate a change to human nature. However…

One can stand up against each instance of it when one is in it or sees it by reporting it or leaving or supplying emotional support or…

Yes, even the management of it is complicated because human nature is what it is and every situation is different.

There are those who march in the streets as they rail against the situation while saying all men believe in violence against women. They mistakenly believe that all instances of domestic violence can be stopped by other men and the fact that it continues is proof, they say, of all men’s complicit approval.

They are wrong.

On the other hand, we do know there are whole societies (think China and India) and religious factions (think some Muslim and Christian) and talented, famous people that use economic, societal, and brainwashing pressures to get their jollies by abusing, beating, raping, and torturing others. China and India are making brand new laws and changing shitty ones, and Muslims are speaking out, because the good people in these groups finally said “Enough of this crap.” At least abusers aren’t protected in these places anymore by claiming there is no law.