Second Bight Publishing launches new book series.


Atlanta, GA | February 19, 2018 — Second Bight Publishing launches a new book series featuring original song lyrics and photography.

Second Bight Publishing, an imprint of WRITER for HIRE! Press, has launched a new book series featuring original song lyrics and photography. Each book will have a theme, and each song in it will support that theme. Publisher Angela K. Durden said, “We look forward to working with songwriters who have original song material and who would like to add a high-quality book featuring their art, photography, and lyrics as part of their offerings to fans. Merch sales at shows can be a significant addition to their income.”

Each book will feature a common format intended to invite readers to interact with the songwriter and/or artist either musically, verbally, or by the written word. The first half of each book will feature wholly owned lyrics by the songwriter, as well as visuals that will be determined on a song-by-song basis and introductory messaging from the featured songwriter. The lyrics are placed on the page to best highlight the theme of the song itself. The second half of the book will feature a short message from the featured songwriter and writing sections guided by a combination of colors and shapes. [See interior examples at the end of this press release.]

“The nature of the music business is coming full circle. Just as vinyl is coming back into popularity, short print books are making a comeback as well. People love to hold something in their hands,” Durden said. “Fans love to listen to music and read lyrics and other back story material without being tied to a digital service or device. Many songwriters — for instance, Alicia Keys, Rod McKuen, and Bob Dylan, to name a few — have understood the power of their lyrics being in print.”

The books can be tied to a released album, or can feature a variety of songs from a songwriter’s deep catalog that have a common theme.


Second Bight Publishing was formed in 2012 and publishes music and books related to music. The company is a publisher member of ASCAP and BMI, and an affiliate publisher of SESAC. Angela K. Durden is a songwriter member of SESAC. For press requests, please contact Tom Whitfield at