The Case Files of Smith and Jones: The Angelic Assassin

Third book in the series
The Case Files of Smith and Jones: The Angelic Assassin

The following is an overview. The book is not written, but the plot is outlined.
Angela K. Durden — Alias/Pen name: Durden Kell
Attorney: Jelani Miller
jmiller@themilj m i l l e r @ t h e m i l l e r l a w g r o u p dot c o m
404-974-9583 or 404-781-0794
Excerpt: 3000+/- words

Overview of Goals for the Case Files Series:
A. Books published, individual book deal acceptable
B. Movies or TV shows to be based on these


Twenty-eight year old female, face like an angel, helpfulness oozing out of her pores, hangs out at busy grocery store parking lots on Senior Citizen Wednesday. Upon identifying an old person who is in very bad shape, she volunteers to help them with their groceries, and even follow them home and take their groceries in for them.

The old people, eager for company of a young person, and needful of help, say yes. Once in their home, she allows them to direct her in putting away the groceries. Seeing how tired the old person is, she offers to make them a cup of hot tea.

Into the tea she slips a substance that renders them sleepy. She helps them to their bed, and promises to lock up tight when she leaves. But they never wake up and she, in the meantime, searches their house for their wills, replaces it with a new one, forges their signatures, as well as the signatures of witnesses, and a fraudulantly gotten notary seal. She leaves it where anyone could find it upon going through papers, and becomes beneficiary.