Imagine the characters of le Carré’s spy novels and the TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and you will have the feel for The Dance Floor Wars series of novels.

Creating a new world of intrigue and depth of human nature, Durden Kell (Angela K. Durden’s fiction pen name) mixes the war between the sexes with dancing and music, weaves in soldiers and spies, becoming the John Le Carre of Love. Add original music to the mix, and now you have a movie/TV powerhouse combination that will bring in earnings on several fronts.

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Click the links below to read short excerpts from the NOVEL SERIES | Dance Floor Wars:

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Dispatches From the Front (Completed)
Lucinda’s People (Completed)
Collisions (Almost completed)
Life Cycle of a Fling (in development)
Click the picture below to enjoy a video book excerpt with original theme song (written and sung by Durden) for two recurring characters in The Dance Floor Wars series.
This from Lucinda’s People.


Durden Kell turns an eye toward crime with a focus on the good guys. Serial killer bad guys (and a gal) are shown for what they are: selfish little people who want what they want; they or their actions are never glorified; nor do their crime descriptions go for sensationalism that shocks. The good guys aren’t the tortured loners seeking solitary revenge only to blow town when the bad guy gets his. No, they are all around regular folks with problems and life choices but who still get out there and track down the bad folks so others can live safely. In other words, folks you’d like to hang out with at the ball park or the dance club.

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SERIES | Case Files of Smith and Jones:

The Cotton Fiber Snuff Tape (Completed)

The Cat-Loving Killer (One third completed)

The Angelic Assassin (Partially outlined)