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In the service of words — Fidelis Semper

Fidelis semper: Ever faithful. Much to the chagrin of mother, husband, friends, children, and more, ever faithful is what I have been to words my entire life. To them, I’ve been too enthusiastic in that devotion, but I don’t — I won’t — apologize. Some say the Devil is in the details. They are heretics. I […]

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The Beard That Kept It’s Promise

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams starred Dan Haggerty, the man who owned The Beard That Kept Its Promise. I was just a kid, but even then there was something about that beard that inspired a real confidence in truth, justice, and all things awesomely Real Man. Only on the day of Dan’s death […]

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No More Slaps and Shoves From You

From memoir, such as mine –Twinkle – to movies — such as The Burning Bed – to documentaries such as this one or to my music video with my original song   It is clear domestic violence is a worldwide problem. There’s just some folks that will beat on other folks. Mankind’s history proves there is no final cure. […]

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Linda Sands

Michael Connelly was in town for an author tour for his newest book and, somehow or another, by the time Michael arrived at the restaurant, the only chair left to sit in was across from me. To my immediate left was Jedwin Smith, an internationally known author and prize-winning war correspondent I had only just […]